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Nominated! Which means we could use some votes :-)

Nominated! Which means we could use some votes :-)

Thanks to Google Analytics we just found out that has been listed at several web design / web development blogs. Humbled, of course…
A list down here and still counting… Thanks guys!

So You Want to Hire an Intern?
Interns are new employees. Like any new employee, they’ll need a certain amount of ramping-up time before they can start contributing. Others from the team will have to invest time to get them up to speed. And unlike a full-time employee, you lose all that training time when they leave to go back to school. They may be “cheap” on the pocketbook, but their cost goes far deeper than that. The good news: it forces your organization to get good at bringing people up to speed, and to put the right processes and tools in place to do so — an asset for a quickly-growing company.

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